[Tweeters] Harris's Sparrow and Tropical Kingbird...both yes

Hank Heiberg hank.heiberg at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 17 19:45:12 PST 2013

Today Karen and I saw both the Harris's Sparrow and the Tropical Kingbird along 3 Crabs Road in Sequim.  Thank you to everyone who posted information regarding these birds and to those people helping us today.  In a previous post we mentioned seeing the sparrow in the a.m.  This afternoon we returned and in conjunction with another couple were able to see the kingbird.  This couple was birding at 3 Crabs and had no idea that either bird was in the area.  We told them where the birds had been seen.  They proceeded to find the kingbird.  It was flying between the roof of 293   3 Crabs Road and the house immediate to the east.  Here are some photos.
Harris's Sparrow:
Harris's Sparrow 'on location":
Tropical Kingbird:
By the way, today Karen and I did some excellent birdering (not a typo) by ear.  As we were looking at the kingbird, someone drove by and exclaimed out of their car window that they had a Four Zonotrichia Day.  We concluded that it was Vincent Lucas without having seen him.  Judging by his subsequent Tweeters post our birdering by ear was right on.
Hank Heiberg
Lake Joy
Carnation, WA

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