[Tweeters] South Park pelican yes but....

John Puschock g_g_allin at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 17 12:50:54 PST 2013

The American White Pelican was in the previously described pond at 12:30 when I drove by. I decided to loop around again and park in the spot north of the pond. As I was getting out of my vehicle, I saw it in flight. It appeared to put down on the Duwamish.

It apparently flushed due to three other birders approaching the pond on foot. Let me be clear: I'm not being critical of them. I was going to do the same. I'm only bringing this up to point out the bird is apparently skittish and also may be on the Duwamish if you can't find it on the pond.

It could be viewed from close range from the shoulder of the on-ramp to 509, but parking here doesn't look to be a safe option.

John Puschock
Matthews Beach, Seattle
g_g_allin at hotmail.com

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