[Tweeters] Arctic migrant peregrine, Island Girl...

Bud Anderson falconresearch at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 09:15:25 PST 2013

... just completed her fifth round trip migration Saturday, having flown
from Chile to Baffin Island and back to Chile once again. We think this
might be a world record for a GPS satellite tagged peregrine.

This season, she took 57 days to complete the approximately 8,286 mile
southbound leg of her journey.

This included a flight across the entire Gulf of Mexico at its widest

She makes me really nervous when she does stuff like that although we are
pretty sure she found a southbound ship for her roost that night.

Her past southbound journeys took 59, 48, 53 and 51 days to complete.
Arrival times ranged from 9-19 November, typical of the "slow migration" of
some adult peregrines.

Thanks to all FRG members for starting this project well before
"crowd-sourcing" became a common term.You know who you are.

Cannot help but comment on how privileged we are to be alive at this time
to witness so many behaviors, like peregrine migration, that our ancestors
wondered about for centuries.

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