[Tweeters] E WA birds yesterday

Randy Hill re_hill at q.com
Sat Nov 16 22:45:54 PST 2013

Friday I headed across the divide to the drier side of WA. On the route to
Moses Lake the following sightings of interest:

Benton County along SR14, SR221 and County Well Road to Benton City had
several raptors seen without slowing below 50 mph including

Red-tailed Hawk 10+

Rough-legged Hawk 1

American Kestrel 6+

Peregrine Falcon 1 (chasings starlings)

Prairie Falcon 2 (1 chasing starlings)

Grant County on or near Columbia NWR included

Am Tree Sparrow 2 at Corfu (traditional location at the NW
corner of the west irrigation circle along Corfu Rd)

Ross's Goose 3 at County Line Ponds with hundreds of
Canada-type geese

Snow Goose 1000-1100 at Royal Lake (the most I have
ever seen in that area) with thousands of Canada-type geese

It was windy both yesterday and today. Doug Schonewald and I tried birding
around Moses Lake briefly this morning. Other than a friendly conversation
with a WDFW Officer we had little reward. The difference between headwind
and tailwind was around 5 mpg.

Randy Hill


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