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So, Ingrid, how is it planned that this stamp will come into existence? What can the rest of us do to help the project? I couldn't find such a simple statement on your excellent website. I may have missed it, but all I saw was "join us and become a supporter." Is that a financial supporter? How would such support be turned into action? Perhaps that information would be forthcoming if one joins. I approve the project 100%, but I want to learn more!

Dennis Paulson

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> One very quick addendum to this conversation, in response to Tom‚s comment about a separate pass or stamp for birders. I‚m an admin at the Wildlife Conservation Stamp Project -- a grassroots effort initiated by birders, photographers and conservationists to create an alternative revenue stream for our National Wildlife Refuges. There‚s more information at the website:


> www.WildlifeConservationStamp.org


> Cheers,


> Ingrid Taylar

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