[Tweeters] Bonaparte's Gull, Green Heron, 26 Canvasback at Log Boom Park

Bob bobs at world-wide.com
Sat Nov 16 10:18:14 PST 2013

I was actually not expecting to see much when I arrived around 8 AM to walk
my dog and saw a couple of water skiers tearing it up in front of the pier
at Tracy Owen Station (Log Boom Park). However there was an active variety
of common passerines during the dog walk and after trading dog for scope
back at the car, the boats and skiers were gone. I saw all the subject
birds all from the pier (dock) with more details in eBird
<http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S15679884> if you are
interested. Another good sight for me was a River Otter, all in all a good

Bob Schmidt

Bothell, WA

<mailto:bobs at world-wide.com> bobs at world hyphen wide dot com

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