[Tweeters] Nov. 14 birding east to Lower Crab Ck

Bob Sundstrom ixoreus at scattercreek.com
Fri Nov 15 10:25:46 PST 2013

14 of us birded from Ellensburg to Crab Ck NWR yesterday (a Mercer Is Parks trip).

Highlights included:
Prairie Falcon: 1 atop very tall utility poles along Dry Slough Rd (E'burg); a remarkable sighting of 3 interacting in flight seen from Look Rd (E'burg); one Crab Ck Refuge
Merlin - male atop tall conifer in Look Rd cemetery
N Shrike - 1 immature along Old Vantage Hwy
Loggerhead Shrike - 2 Crab Ck refuge (where a few winter annually)

Also seen Crab Ck refuge: 6 Sandhill Cranes, 50 or so Tundra Swans, 1000s Canada Geese and dabblers, 1 Greater White-fronted Goose

Perhaps most appreciated sighting of day was a North American Porcupine roosting in a Russian Olive right at the roadside in CC refuge

Good birding, Bob

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