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I would agree with Jack for all the reasons he listed. The first photo is very distant, but appears to show a flat topped head, not the rounded, ping pong ball like oval of a Sharp-shinned hawk. Also the leg thickness, well shown in the second photo is appears robust and the thickness expected in a Coopers. The Sharp-shinned's legs would be noticeably thinner.

Do you have another, different photo and angle like second photo showing the head profile? This would help make for the ID.

But-- I defer to the experts.

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Earlier today Bill Anderson wrote:

"Scroll down to the bottom of page 50 for photos and further narrative. I will appreciate feedback as to whether the Accipiter I photographed was a sharp-shinned hawk or a Cooper's hawk.


I would vote for Cooper's Hawk. The head seems blocky, with a capped
appearance. The eye seems a bit small and much closer to the bill than
to the back of the head. The pole the bird is on gives some idea of
size, and it seems relatively large for an accipiter. You can't see the
tail or the nape, which would help, but for me everything lines up for
adult Cooper's Hawk.

Jack Stephens
Edmonds, WA
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