[Tweeters] Merlin misses prey, Marbled Murrelet etc. Gardiner/Discovery Bay

John Gatchet jfgatchet at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 18:55:37 PST 2013

It was a good day of birding in my yard with 57 species seen in and from
here. A MERLIN launched from a high Douglas Fir perch like a bullet as it
headed for a small bird perched atop a row of cedars. I was at a right
angle to the flight path and could not believe the speed this small falcon
achieved over a distance of about .2 miles. More surprising was that it
missed what I think was a DARK-EYED JUNCO.

There were at least 4 MARBLED MURRELET on the bay and 125 PACIFIC LOON.
There was a group of 31 BUFFLEHEAD and a total of 62 RED-BREASTED
MERGANSER in another group.

John F. Gatchet
Gardiner, WA
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