[Tweeters] Swan fall

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Sun Nov 10 20:10:54 PST 2013

For anyone wishing to have a grand experience of sights and sounds: be at
the Bob Heirman Wildlife Park (off Connelly Road just south of Snohomish) at
about 3:45-4 pm.
The trumpeter and tundra swans arrive, then cackler geese flyover along with
other geese and ducks. Eventually they all land at the lake. The sounds
are wonderful and for photographers it is a real visual spectacle if the
weather is right -- and that happened tonight.

There will be more swans there as the season progresses, but what comes in
now is really spectacular. The swans are feeding by the old Honor Farm area
near Crescent Lake south of Monroe.

If you see any collars let me know. So far, none seen.

Martha Jordan

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