[Tweeters] Clay-colored sparrow: directional assistance

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Whoops - my bad. Yes, Lot G, where the eastern birding kiosk is. It's the
big lot about in the middle of the park, at the northeast corner of the
off-leash dog area.

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Hey all!

I was out with Carol Riddell looking for the sparrow at Marymoor this
morning at the wrong compost piles. I ran errands after that kept me close
enough to make a return trip. I did not know where "the viewing mound" was,
and I had read one post saying that the bird was west of parking lot D...?
At any rate, the compost piles for this sparrow are at lot G. Very
cooperative bird that I got to enjoy with Evan Houston and another new
birder. :)

Hope that helps some people find it!

Happy birding,

Tim Brennan

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