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Very nice, Lee. Love watching that, but didn't know the name of it. Thanks
for posting that.

Anyone else have any other, similar descriptions that we should be watching

Dusty - Granite Falls, WA
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NB: My apologies if this is a duplicate to anyone. But I keep getting
informed that my post has been disallowed... (:-(

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> While birding along the shore of Whidbey Island this weekend, I watched a

> flock of perhaps 200 Starlings wheeling nearby in the sky. I understand


> of the mechanisms of murmurations, wherein the birds closely track the

> movements of their neighbors. This time, I also noticed that the whole


> alternates between flapping wings and gliding. There would be several

> seconds of flying while actively flapping wings, followed by perhaps a one

> second rest time where ALL the birds would stop flapping their wings and

> glide, followed by another session of active flapping, then gliding, and

so on.

> They all, virtually instantaneously, would switch between active and


> modes. It's like an aerial ballet.


> Lee Rentz

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