[Tweeters] Snoqualmie Valley yesterday

Hank Heiberg hank.heiberg at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 7 12:09:29 PST 2013

Yesterday afternoon Karen and I car birded the lower Snoqualmie Valley visiting Chinook Bend, Camp Korey, Sikes Lake, Crescent Lake, the Monroe Prison Farm Pond and the Tualco Loop Road.  Camp Korey had a couple hundred Canada Geese and 2 Snow Geese.  South of Crescent Lake Road were 40+ Trumpeter Swans.  To our surprise we found a yellowlegs along Tualco Loop Road which John Tubbs and Dennis Paulson IDed as a Greater Yellowlegs.  Here is a photo:
At Camp Korey (formerly Carnation Farms) there is a parking lot that is east of the Carnation Farms Road with fields east of the parking lot.  While Karen and I were watching the geese in the field someone came over from Camp Korey.  We had friendly conversation.  Then I asked him about the no trespassing sign on the log on the ground between the parking lot and the field.  I told him that I assumed it meant don't go out in the field.  He said that it meant don't park there.  He said that other people who had parked there looking at birds had left a bunch of garbage.  That doesn't sound like birders that I know.  He wasn't at all hostile.  He told us that we are welcome since we are local (Karen knew the chief veterinarian at Carnation Farms) and don't litter.  I told him that we pick up litter when we bird, which is true.  He also told us that the elk are in the field every evening at about 4 pm.  They can be viewed from a rise that is a
little bit NW of Chinook Bend natural area.  It certainly is ok to park in an ample lot atop that rise.  Birds can be scoped from there also.
Hank Heiberg
Lake Joy
Carnation, WA

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