[Tweeters] Edmonds marsh Eurasian Wigeon (11/4)

Bill Anderson billandersonbic at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 4 23:57:51 PST 2013

Looking at my photos from Sunday (11/3),  I thought I had photographed a Eurasion wigeon among a flock of American wigeons at the Edmonds marsh.   The photos were not very good, so I did not post them or report the sighting.

I was at the marsh on Monday (11/4) afternoon when a flock of American wigeons flew in.  Once again, I thought I saw a Eurasian wigeon in the flock  after I examined my photos at home.  While the photos are not the greatest, I think they are above Sasquatch quality, so I reporting the sighting and posting the photos.  Check the bottom of page 48 to see if I am right in my ID:

There are some photos of one of the Yost Park pileated wodpeckers at the top of page 49.

Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA. USA

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