[Tweeters] Surf Scoter Mystery at ONP Beaches

Glenn Nelson gnbuzz at comcast.net
Mon Nov 4 11:59:44 PST 2013

Hello Tweets,

My wife and I encountered at least a dozen dead Surf Scoters that had washed
ashore on Ruby Beach and Kalalcoh Beach No. 4 during the weekend of Oct.
26-27. We also encountered what either was a very injured or very ill Surf
Scoter at No. 4.

I¹d intended to try reporting this, but now wonder if whatever is happening
has already been discovered. I¹m also personally curious about this. I
passed on our observations immediately to a person belonging to COASST, but
don¹t know if there is any other organization that should be notified. Does
anyone have any advice? I was told that Dennis Paulson is on this list and
probably would know.

I found a Seattle Times story about a rash of dead Scoters in the same area
in 2009.

I uploaded a photo of one dead bird on my Flickr stream, in case it would
provide any clues:


Glenn Nelson
Seattle, Wash.
gnbuzz at comcast.net

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