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Thanks for the photos. I saw a young Thayer's Gull recently in Bellingham that was similar, but somewhat darker in body plumage. It was raining, and I'm no expert. But I don't think I could call mine an Icelander.

Phil Hotlen

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Hi tweeters,
My dad and I birded around Neah bay last Tuesday and Wednesday. Arriving Monday night we were surprised to see a Barn owl hunting in the town. The highlight of the trip was a 1year Iceland gull Tuesday and Wednesday mournings. It was hanging around with the flock of gulls that usually bath at the out flow of the creek on the west side of town. Other than this we had 7 Lapland Longspurs and wa'ach river out flow and a Tropical kingbird Wednesday morning in the Town.

Photos of the gull can be viewed at:


Good birding
Fanter Lane
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