[Tweeters] Lincoln Co. Clay-colored Sparrow

Jonathan B. Isacoff isacoff at gonzaga.edu
Fri May 31 14:52:34 PDT 2013

Singing CLAY-COLORED SPARROW, possibly a pair, on 7-Mile Road, just West of Davenport on North side of SR2. Many Brewer's and Vesper Sparrows in the area too and a surprise singing Sage Thrasher -- these breed on nearby Old Kuck's Road but have not observed one North of SR2 before. Some photos are on Flickr.

Hawk Creek Canyon was birdy with 8 flycatcher species (Pewee - counted approximately 32 singing birds!; Willow, Dusky, Gray, and Western Flycatcher, E and W Kingbirds, Say's Phoebe. Lots of Hummingbirds too (Calliope and Black-chinned). Apparently the Dippers at the base of the falls have decided to nest there again. Nice weather.

Good birding,
Jon Isacoff, Spokane

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