[Tweeters] Black Tern at Juanita Bay this morning

Alexandra MacKenzie mizmak at gmail.com
Fri May 31 10:20:15 PDT 2013

First, thank you everyone who posted updates on the tern sightings!
They encouraged me to go stake out Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland this
morning. Arrived around 7:30 and met a birder who had seen it
"fifteen minutes before" (words to damped the hardiest birder's
spirits). I spent two hours on the western boardwalk and middle
boardwalk and was about to give up when I opted to give the promenade
a try.

At around 9:45am the Black Tern swooped in over the bay, staying
mostly in the middle. I got to enjoy this beautiful bird (a Life
Bird!) for about ten minutes before it flew off to the north and I
lost sight of it. Whew!

Thank you all again,
Alex (Alexandra) MacKenzie
mizmak at gmail.com

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