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jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Fri May 31 08:53:35 PDT 2013

I was half awake late last night working on writing a new song. It's gonna be about bird recording playback in the field, from the bird's perspective. I was kind of stuck on the title, and was trying to decide between "Playback Payback", or "Shove That Thing Where the Birds Don't Sing". I'm leaning towards the latter, which I think could make a good Country song:

" here's a little message from the birds on the wing,
'shove that thing where the birds don't sing!'"

But I wasn't getting much farther with it- too many ideas- so I picked up my old 'Birders Life List" book and added a few new birds that I'd just seen in Texas. Right then Mother Nature showed up.

"What you doin' boy!" she exclaimed loudly. Yes, telepathy can be loud. Telepathy is how we talk to each other, except when Mother Nature is speaking through a Crow, a creaking tree, or some other creation of her's.

"I can hear you just fine, could you tone it down a little?" I asked.

"Oh sure honey, I jus' forgot I was inside with you and your couch", she said, sounding remarkably like Aretha Franklin. Mother Nature can sound just about like anybody. "But what are you doin'?' she repeated.

"Well, just adding to my life bird list" I replied. I showed her my list.

" Honey" she said, "is that all you got? Why if that list was bait, you couldn't catch a kitty with that little bitty thang! You spend too much time dinkin' around Everett in that little truck of yours. Get a new car honey, put the pedal to the metal, burn some gas, cover some states, bulk up that little ol' list a bit. Why, I bet you couldn't even get a date on Tweeters with a puny little list like that!" Mother Nature laughed and laughed.

" Well, for your information, Tweeters is not a dating site, it's a site for serious birders!" I huffed." And anyway, I'm married!'"

Mother Nature had almost stopped laughing. " Sorry honey, I jus' thought that was funny. And sure I know your wife - can hear that girl a mile away, sounds like a big ol' woodpecker!". It is true that my wife has a loud laugh somewhat reminiscent of a Pileated Woodpecker. Makes her easy to find in a crowd.

"Now honey, don't get all upset about your little ol' list" she continued. " I'm not so impressed with a list you know. Guess the number on my list!"

"Gee, I don't know, Mother Nature." I admitted.

"You sure don't honey, and join the club. Nobody knows, they all jus' guessin'. Trouble is, ya'll keep killin' off everything faster than I can make it, and that's jus' too bad". Then, sounding like Aretha more than ever she sang'

'what you want
baby I got it

what you need
do you know I got it?

all I'm askin'
is for a little Respect
......just a little bit. '

"Yeah honey, a little Respect would help. And if you don't have a little, I'll settle for a lot !" she said.
find out what it mean's to me."

Jeff Gibson
with Mother Nature in
Everett Wa

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