[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co., WA) 2013-05-30

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Thu May 30 13:18:29 PDT 2013

Tweets – It was cold and breezy, but at least we never got more than a few drops of rain, and we even had shadows for a while. Not tremendously birdy, but not bad.

Our most notable sighting was of a dead bird. Early in the morning, Matt and Dasha had noticed crows creating a ruckus near the Viewing Mound, but had never investigated. Later, while doing our usual rounds, I walked down a bit to the east of the Compost Piles in the area where the crows had been active, and found a dead LONG-EARED OWL that showed injuries possibly consistent with being pecked by crows. The body was still somewhat warm. We spent a long time determining Long-eared vs. Short-eared: this bird had diffuse gray barring at the tips of the underside of the wings, not bolder blacker tips as a Short-eared should have. The lower breast and belly feathers also appeared to have horizontal barring. The only previous LEOWs for Marymoor have been in January (once) and March (3 times).

The other really notable sighting was from the lake platform. At the mouth of the slough were a single male, 3 adult females, and TWENTY TWO small WOOD DUCK ducklings (all seemingly the same age). Later, from the Rowing Club dock, we saw another female Wood Duck with three Wood Duck ducklings and two HOODED MERGANSER ducklings. These babies looked to be perhaps a week older than the first group. It was interesting to see that, already, the Hooded Merganser ducklings were peering under the water for possible food, while the Wood Duck ducklings contented themselves with picking at things on the water’s surface and on the tops of lily pads.

Other highlights:

Bald Eagle Maybe 6 or more, adults & immatures
Black Swift Three seen twice overhead (or six?)
Hairy Woodpecker Juvenile mixing it up with Downy at RC.
The nest near the windmill had no activity, probably indicating fledging
WILLOW FLYCATCHER About 3, singing. First of spring
Ch.-backed Chickadee Feeding young near Dog Central
Brown Creeper Adult with begging young, start of boardwalk
Bewick’s Wren Apparently feeding young near west footbridge
G.-crowned Kinglet Lots of chirping, begging young
Cedar Waxwing Nest found west of boardwalk
Y.-rumped Warbler One or more heard singing near mansion
Western Tanager Still a couple around
Lazuli Bunting Pair at Viewing Mound, another north of fields 7-8-9
Bullock’s Oriole One male west of slough
Red Crossbill Flock(s?) of 15+ overhead all morning
Evening Grosbeak Twice had flock(s?) of about a dozen overhead

For the day, 64 species. LONG-EARED OWL and WILLOW FLYCATCHER new for the year.

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