[Tweeters] Black Tern at Boeing Pond

Aquila Chrysaetos ladyhawk707 at msn.com
Wed May 29 21:40:11 PDT 2013

Much thanks to Bill Brynteson for posting his sighting of the Black Tern at Boeing Pond, S. King county, this afternoon. Kevin & I drove there, parked and saw the bird before we got out of the car or even the bins out of the back seat.

We watched it course the pond for about 50 minutes between 7 and 8 pm. The only interruption of its feeding happened when a crow went after it and chased it around high in the sky for a few minutes.

It was a life bird for us mainly local birders and a delight to watch.

Sandy Daniels, Enumclaw Plateau
Ladyhawk707 at msn.com

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