[Tweeters] Vaux's Happening in late May

Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Tue May 28 09:15:36 PDT 2013


The Vaux's Swifts migration is a bit later than what's expected, and they seem to not be getting enough to eat. Watched them coming out of their roost site into a heavy rain and apparently attempting to get above the rain clouds last night.

Two thousand swifts roosted at the Monroe Wagner site last night and three thousand at Selleck. Then there were two at an Ellensburg residence in the area where they demolished the old hospital roost site this year.

They cleared out of Wagner fairly early this morning for a cool day.

Three swifts were left in the Wagner chimney last time I looked. If you take a look you might just just see bricks, but you may also get the neat Woodland Park Zoo advertisement.


Larry Schwitters

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