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Jon Purnell and Sherrie Rogers jonnsher at wavecable.com
Mon May 27 16:16:01 PDT 2013

Hi Tweeters

This is off topic and I'm hoping it is ok to post here.but the birds in the
lower Klamath Wildlife Refuge need help.as a group we have a big say in
things and we are sure that many of you have visited the refuges in Oregon.
The Lower Klamath Basin/Marsh is in big trouble. Many of you may know way
more about this than us and we would like your input.feel free to repond off

The lower Klamath Marsh is drying up.they usually route water from Tule lake
to the Lower Klamath Marsh but evidently there was a final decision in a
long running court case over water rights and "the birds lost and the fish
won." They are diverting water from Tule Lake to the rivers..which means
that by June/July Klamath Marsh will no longer be a Marsh but a vast
dried-up wasteland with the potential for thousands and thousands of birds
on the refuge to die. The biologist that we talked to for quite awhile was
really upset. Right now the water is dwindling-they are allowed to use up
the water coming in from winter reserves but when that is gone there will be
no more water coming in. As a result, the birds are concentrated into
smaller and ever smaller areas so that you can see them but when the marsh
dries up there will be no habitat, no food, no water.

The biologist told us to tell everyone and have them write letters to the
Dept of Interior and anyone else that you can think of..please share your
ideas on contacts. Many of the farmers in the area have been diverting some
of their water to the Marsh. Evidently the judge that heard the case did
not understand that without the marsh there is no ecosystem that supports
the food supply that feeds the birds and it was some environmentalist
extremists that took the case to court so when they sued it was from an
extremist viewpoint. The judge even with all the biologist testifying
prioritized the water distribution with the marsh loosing out.

The biologist did say that part of the problem was also from the endangered
suckerfish that inhabit the canals so they have to keep the canals full.
It's really sad. She said that when the public speaks in mass that things
do get changed. So please pass this on and spread the word.

Sherrie and Jon

jonnsher at wavecable.com

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