[Tweeters] Lesser Goldfinches at Lyons Ferry

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Mon May 27 15:14:56 PDT 2013

Hello, tweets.

Netta Smith and I spent Sunday in southeast Washington. Nothing cosmic to report, sadly very few migrants at some of the oases we visited, but the most noteworthy thing was the number of Lesser Goldfinches at Lyons Ferry Park. We saw at least eight there, all paired up, some of them apparently flocking with American Goldfinches. The most surprising thing was finding two additional pairs on a fence wire in the sagebrush about a half mile northwest from the park. That seems to imply they are moving around now, not necessarily settled at Lyons Ferry.

Palouse Falls State Park had more people than I could imagine being there, a real crowd scene. But standing on the cliff looking at the falls, we were buzzed by White-throated Swifts again and again, sometimes only a few feet from our heads - almost scary. It's a spectacular place to experience a spectacular bird. And I assume Peregrine Falcons are nesting there, as one sailed out from below us, flew around a bit, then landed on the cliff opposite us. It would be something to see one of them go after one of those swifts.

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