[Tweeters] plants don't move [slightly off topic]

Mary Bond zuckerbond at comcast.net
Mon May 27 08:52:41 PDT 2013

Hey Tweeters, I have recently discovered botany. Until this spring, plants
were places where birds lived: food, shelter, perches. But now that I'm in a
botany class plants have really come alive for me!

It is kind of like I was given google glasses, or at the very least, a new
overlay. And the cool thing is, they don't fly away--or at least not very
much of them. They do change their plumage throughout the seasons, and some
of them leave for the winter and return in the spring. Best of all, they
don't move when I try to take a closer look! -Mary Bond, Seattle.
zuckerbond at the ol' comcast dot net

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