[Tweeters] Birding at Ramsey Canyon & Huachuca Canyon in AZ

Rex S. Takasugi rextak at msn.com
Sun May 26 21:33:37 PDT 2013

If you ever get down to southern Arizona, you might want to do
some birding while you're down here. Joyce and I are visiting relatives in
Sierra Vista, AZ and were able to do a little birding yesterday (5/25/2013)
at Ramsey Canyon, a place that has been mentioned on Tweeters several times,
so I made it a point to visit this canyon specifically. We took the two
hour walking tour led by Priscilla, a very personable and knowledgeable
guide. She knew birds and butterflies better than just about anyone, I
think. The walking tour started right by the Visitor's Center where there
are numerous hummingbird feeders. We saw Magnificent, Broad-billed,
Blue-throated and Black-chinned Hummingbirds. Not more than 100 feet up the
trail, Priscilla points out a highly camouflaged, occupied, Plumbeous Vireo
nest which is about the size of a softball. In the beautiful Arizona
Sycamore trees we were treated to seeing lots of Sulphur-bellied
Flycatchers, including a nesting pair who were using one of the many holes
in those sycamore trees. Along the half-mile walk we also saw Gray-breasted
Jays (Mexican Jays), Acorn Woodpeckers, Wild Turkeys, Western Wood-Pewees
and near the end of the walk, a flock of Bridled Titmice.

This morning (5/26/2013) we went to Huachuca Canyon on Fort
Huachuca. We were fortunate to spot an Elegant Trogon sitting on a branch
at first and then saw it fly into a nest hole in a sycamore tree. We waited
for 20 minutes for it to fly out of the nest hole, but it never did, so we
guessed that it was probably sitting on eggs. Another two Trogons were
heard at a distance. Another nice surprise was spotting a Rose-throated
Becard, although the throat appeared to be more of an orange color than red
or rose as shown in the birding books. Other interesting birds that were
seen included Painted Redstarts, Black-chinned Hummingbirds, Gray-breasted
Jays, Bridled Titmouse, Wild Turkeys, Plumbeous Vireo (on a nest that we
spotted on our own), Western Wood-Pewees, Acorn Woodpeckers, Turkey
Vultures, Black-headed Grosbeaks, Brown Creeper and Spotted Towhee.

In the backyard of our relatives I also spotted a Scott's
Oriole. I'm sure we'll see more interesting birds on our trip, but thought
some of you might be interested in the birds we've seen in Ramsey and
Huachuca Canyons. It is a great birding area!

Good birding!

Rex Takasugi

Kent, WA

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