[Tweeters] OT a bit but am looking for info on honeybee sightings

C Al squeakyfiddle at aol.com
Sun May 26 20:21:15 PDT 2013

I've been keeping notes on insect sightings for a number of years and
am so far missing the regular annual appearance of honeybees. I had
one sighting at Pritchard Beach in early March, but have seen none
there since then. In past years there have been a few early sightings
at that location, with good numbers appearing in early to mid April.
Nor have any appeared at Martha Washington park, which is a little
disconcerting in that there's been a huge hive nearby that has produced
swarms every spring. I've also not seen any in my yard.

Other pollinators - bumblebees, mason bees, flowerflies and bee mimics
- have been present in all of these locations since late March/early

I'd like to hear from others in the Puget Sound region regarding
honeybee sightings this spring. You can email me directly.


Catherine Alexander
Lakewood Neighborhood
South Seattle

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