[Tweeters] Klickitat County (and a bit of Yakima)

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sun May 26 17:20:39 PDT 2013

I just returned from the WOS Trip that Ken Knittle
led in Klickitat County. We also birded a bit on
the way down (with a stop at the Bobolink Fields
at Toppenish) and on the way back with a stop at
Toppenish NWR and Tule Road.

The trip was excellent; Ken was great and the
other birders terrific.
Won't go into details but some highlights were:
- Over 110 species all told for the day plus/plus.
- 10 Warbler Species: Yellow, Yellow Rumped,
Yellow Breasted Chat (two at Toppenish), Hermit,
and Townsends and Hybrid (all together), Nashville
and MacGillivrays (together), Black Throated Gray,
Wilson's, and Orange Crowned. We looked for but
missed Restart and Waterthrush at places Ken had
them before. Fabulous if we had got them all.
- Acorn WP at Granary Tree plus Lesser Goldfinch
and Ash Throated Flycatcher where they were
supposed to be near Lyle.
- Singing Bobolinks at "Lateral C"
Great views of many birds, excellent weather and
truly spectacular scenery.

Special thanks to Ken for a super trip...

Blair Bernson

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