[Tweeters] lazuli at the fill and Blue winged teal?

James M Campanelli jcampane at u.washington.edu
Sun May 26 15:37:38 PDT 2013

Hi all ,
Multipole sightings of multiple lazulis including a tentative sighting of a female that was later confirmed by other birders' I heard a bittern calling in the marsh on the far side of the slough I spent an hour waiting for a repeat to no avail . I think I heard the yellow head blackbird song but no sighting. can someone clarify if it was a male that was sighted? also my goal for the day was to spot the Blue winged teal . This is a life bird for me so I am very motivated, I have not seen an account that stated if this was a male or female and I have seen several flights of 2 birds that could be either cinnamon or BW teal. I did not see any hens with the cinnamon drakes so I am wondering if this is a male female pair of BW. I have not gotten a good settled sighting of them as the seem to land without disturbing the water and dissapear on contact with the surface. Darned unicorns.

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