[Tweeters] have you seen a swan

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Sat May 25 19:35:07 PDT 2013

It appears that two swans are still in the Monroe area near or on the Honor
Farm pond (old prison place) or on Crescent Lake just to the west. Has
anyone seen these birds the past few days? One of them has a yellow neck
band M ## It has been observed flying. The other is an unbanded
trumpeter that has moved from the Honor Farm to Crescent Lake.

If you see either of these birds please contact me. And if you can, get the
entire code from the yellow collar. We believe it is M __ 9. The other
number may be a 5 or 3. We really would like to know.


Martha Jordan

The Trumpeter Swan Society

Washington Swan Stewards-Chair

PMB 272

914 - 164th Street SE

Mill Creek, WA 98012


Cell 206-713-3684

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