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Sat May 25 16:47:31 PDT 2013

Hi tweets
In my quest to beat a previous year count for 2010 of 136 species of birds in and around Tulalip
Bay, I have been out this week frequently.partly to make up for missing the migratory season
from may 7-18 . This was due to a trip to see warblers at Point Pelee,Ontario , Magee Marsh,Ohio ,grayling and tawas point, Michigan.
I can only tell you if you love warblers and want CLOSEUP VIEWS , go to Magee Marsh.
It's free and incredible !!
One day we saw 27 species of warblers there!
Our total was 33 species.
Don't expect a solitary experience but relish in the knowledge that so many people of different ages and types love the warblers!!
We also saw CLOSEUP views of American woodcocks,displaying , nesting and feeding.
In fact there was a woodcock on eggs in the parking lot at Magee!
Another treat was an Uplands sandpiper at the kirtlands warbler site near grayling.,Michigan .
It was singing , displaying ,bouncing from tree to tree.
Also near point pelee are forests with carpets of Trilliums!
An incredible trip for a wonderful group of birds.
Back to tulalip:
FOY for 2013:
May 19:
Spotted sandpiper
May 20:
Wilson's warbler
May 21:
Swainson's thrush
May 23:
Olive sided flycatcher
May 24:
Barn owl
Cedar waxwing
May 25:
Green heron
Western tanager

Surprisingly,each individual spp.were at the same approximate place as other years.
Are they the same individual(s) ?
Any thoughts would be appreciated
As well today I counted 72 GBHerons looking back at a minus tide in front of
Everett (looking east from mission beach.
The barn owl has a day roost along the bank on mission beach.
Last year one was there but about 100 yards from this one. It was there for several months
Thru July 2012.
Also saw a bullocks oriole flying along the beach nearby.
Whimbrels: our FOY wasapril 25 , but we have had repeated, if brief views of them.
The most recent was may 23 but again short.(4 individuals).
This year provided the most views here in one season.
Lastly, we have daily purple Martins on our dock due to the gourds placed several years ago by Stan Kostka
So.,now my year to date total is 117.
It's a tough task trying to beat the 2010 total of 136, but someone has to do it...
So thanx for reading.
Good birding ,
Maxine Reid
Tulalip bay, snohomish county.

Max2012mike at gmail.com

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