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Sat May 25 11:56:31 PDT 2013

Hi, all,

This morning at Seattle's Montlake Fill (east of the U. W. campus) I saw
at least two and probably three male Lazuli Buntings. Two were feeding
and chasing together around the weather stations and the south edge of
the gardens from 9-9:15. (One of these is probably a one-year-old
male.) At the same time, I saw a knot of birders staring into the
narrow neck of woods extending south of the main alder and cottonwood
grove south of the Center for Urban Horticulture, which matches
descriptions of earlier sightings of one this week. I got over there
and heard one singing, eventually seeing it a few times. Back over
toward the weather station I found one again. So, I never saw three
simultaneously, but that number seems the easiest explanation (certain,
if those birders had one at 9).

Also: lots of Vaux's Swifts, Violet-green Swallows (and others), a few
Red Crossbills, a couple Cinnamon Teal drakes, a Cooper's Hawk, a
Warbling Vireo, and heard Wilson's Warbler and Western Tanager.

25 May, 2013,

Alan Grenon
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