[Tweeters] Laser pen light?

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Fri May 24 22:20:23 PDT 2013

Most guides seem to use them in central America, is my experience. It’s not to see the bird better, it’s to help others in your party find the bird in the dense jungle, which can be very difficult for many people not used to birding in the jungle. At least with our guides, a green laser penlight was used, and it was never shone directly on the bird, but rather on a nearby trunk or a branch, from which the guide gave directions as to where the bird could be found relative to the small dot of light. When used this circumspectly, I can’t imagine it causing more distress than the glare or flash off of optics on binoculars, scopes, or cameras pointed at the bird, far less in fact. I certainly didn’t notice any such effect – again, stressing when used carefully and circumspectly.

Teresa Michelsen

Olympia WA

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This reader of the tweeters postings might consider use of a laser pen light to be rather cruel and maybe not needed. The flash from them causes much distress in the field of air traffic and shining them on aircraft in our area is highly dangerous and illegal. Surely you could be satisfied by what you could see with your naked eye or binoculars. Try using your ears and other senses instead.
The reliance on technology is leading toward very lazy birding, if you ask my opinion.
A long time birder from the Bay Area,
Mary Westlake
Berkeley, California
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Hello Tweets,

I’ll be traveling in Ecuador in late June/July and would like to take a laser pen light along to help point out those hard-to-see birds deep in the jungle/brush. Can anyone recommend something reasonable priced and effective?


Joe Mackie


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