[Tweeters] Violet green swallows playing? Practicing?

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Swallows use feathers as nesting material, and have a particular affinity for large, whit, fluffy

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i have a photo taken at center for urban horticulture of a tree swallow doing the exact same
thing...  i've also seen gulls and crows doing something similar with larger objects...

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Just a few minutes ago on my way in to work at our downtown Bellingham office, I saw two violet
green swallows playing or practicing with a big fluffy feather. It wasn't one of THEIR feathers--
it was the size of my thumb, whitish gray, probably from a seagull. The birds circled the parking
lot, alternately dropping the feather, letting it float, and then snatching it out of the air
again. They did this repeatedly. 

Has anyone ever seen this before?John Stark, Reporter
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