[Tweeters] SnoCo Black Terns

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Thu May 23 08:54:34 PDT 2013

Just to confirm that both Black Terns did return to the prison farm
ponds in Snohomish County last night following the Peregrine chase.
Both Bob Schmidt and I were able to see them around 7 p.m. This
remains a code 5 bird for the county. In addition to the 1990s
sighting at the prison farm ponds that Josh Adams noted, I had one
Black Tern at the Fobes Road wetlands (City of Snohomish) on May 14,
2006. There may well be other SnoCo sightings that I am not aware of.
But since the birds did return yesterday evening, it may still be
worth checking for them today. The 2006 Fobes Road bird stayed around
at least two days.

Carol Riddell

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