[Tweeters] Big Days (and long birding trips)

Nigel Ball nigelj.ball at gmail.com
Thu May 23 06:32:30 PDT 2013

As a sleep medicine leader I need to air my concerns about the safety of
the traditional Big Day.

Driving after one night of sleep deprivation results in performance that is
similar to being legally drunk. This can be considered in charging and
sentencing if there were to be an accident.

I am NOT saying that all Big Days are unsafe, and I am absolutely not
accusing any individuals or teams, so I don't expect anyone out there to
feel the need to explain themselves!

Rather, my motivation is to encourage future participants to plan properly,
and to avoid finding myself hearing about a terrible accident, having not
spoken out.

Safe birding,
Nigel Ball
Bainbridge Island
Nigelj.ball at gmail.com
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