[Tweeters] Photo of a possible Tricolored Blackbird

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I couldn't make it into a Tricolored, because I think the red is too orangey. When I compare my photos of Tricolored with your photo, the red doesn't match. I agree that the median coverts are whiter than in a normal Red-winged. Are they hybrids? I don't know. To my knowledge, the species have not been found to hybridize, but I realize it would be a difficult thing to prove. Their songs are different, so it would be great to find such a bird and record it.

The median coverts in male Tricolored are cream-colored when fresh but fade to white by spring. A pale Red-winged and very creamy Tricolored might be hard to distinguish, but perhaps both of them fade similarly. On the other hand, Redwing epaulet edges do vary, and a few of my photos of spring birds show distinctly paler edges--not as pale as yours, though.


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> Hi Tweeters,


> Saturday Roger Moyer and I were on Lateral C west of the Toppenish NWR,

> Yakima County, looking for Tricolored Blackbird and Bobolinks. We found

> two Bobolinks and possibly one or two Tricolored Blackbirds.


> A blackbird with a white band on its wing patch spent several minutes in

> front of us on the west side of the road between the trees at the south

> side of Toppenish Creek and the first Russian olive tree south of the

> creek. The red on the wing seemed too much like a Red-winged Blackbird but

> the white was definitely white. It was calling repeatedly and Roger, whose

> ears are way better than mine, said the call was quite different from the

> RWBLs that were nearly. It was being answered by another blackbird in the

> trees by the creek that was using the same call.


> I sent a photo to Steve Mlodinow, who said it definitely was not a RWBL. He

> wondered about it being a hybrid. A recording of the calls would help with

> the identification.


> I am interested in any ideas about this bird:


> http://www.granstrand.net/gallery/newphotos/DSCN3642a


> Denny Granstrand

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