[Tweeters] VARC - Spring Blog!

Derek Matthews Derek.Matthews at spectrum-canada.com
Tue May 21 12:05:25 PDT 2013

Hi Birders and Banders,

I've just uploaded the spring blog for April and May with all the activity from the first two months of this season's migration monitoring and banding at Colony Farm.

Although hampered by the rain at the beginning of April which was frustrating the rest of the period was mostly dry and sunny and we were able to band large numbers of birds of excellent species diversity including Lazuli Bunting, Dusky Flycatcher, Band-tailed Pigeon and only our second ever Long-eared Owl!
For lots of information on molt and ageing and all of the spring activity at VARC please click here:


Happy spring birding and banding!


Derek Matthews
Vancouver Avian Research Centre
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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