[Tweeters] Outer Coast Birding Sunday; Grays Harbor Rock Wren

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Mon May 20 05:33:20 PDT 2013

Greetings All,

Yesterday I spent a leisurely day at the coast following the previous days pelagic trip out of Westport (more about that in a later post). Early there was a fairly strong breeze out of the NW. Huge flocks (thousands) of birds, consisting mostly of Sooty Shearwaters, were in the Grays Harbor channel mouth off of the South Jetty. No doubt there were also good numbers of Common Terns in the area as well based on yesterdays experience. At the north end of the Westport boat basin there were a couple of Wandering Tattlers, and a fly-by Merlin.

The bird of the day was a ROCK WREN on the jetty rocks along Neddie Rose Drive across from the Islander RV parking area in Westport. I first noted the bird by its signing, which was difficult to hear in the wind. The bird was easily located for a couple of passable photos. It was present from at least 1000 to 1100. Following that, I briefly checked out Bottle Beach, then a run down to Midway Beach Marsh; the only other locals I visited.

At Bottle Beach I searched unsuccessfully for the Northern Mockingbird, which was seen again by Scott Mills late on Friday. There were however a few shorebirds well out on the flats by the time I arrived at 1130. Shorebirds included 30 Red Knots, 25 Dowitchers (likely short-billed), and 4 Black-bellied Plover. I then headed down to Midway Beach. The only unusual sighting there was an adult female WILSON’S PHALEROPE. All in all it was a very good day. Good luck and good birding,

Bill Shelmerdine

Olympia WA

Georn1 at hotmail.com

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