[Tweeters] Grant Co Spring -phalaropes, ibses

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Sun May 19 22:49:57 PDT 2013

Hi Tweets -
We took a trip from Electric City, WA to Moses Lake today. Highlights -

First of Year Eastern Kingbird on the flats below Million Dollar Mile, Hy 155. Spring is officially over.

Forty (!) Red-necked Phalaropes on the Coulee City Sewage Ponds along with all three teal, Mallards, Gadwall, Bufflehead, Scaup, Shovelers, and love-crazed Redheads (the feathery kind).

Two White-faced Ibises at Gloyd Seeps on Stratford road north of Moses Lake, along with Dunlin, Spotted Sandpiper, lots of Avocets and Stilts, and Marsh Wrens.

An Osprey in Coulee City on a power pole on Second Street.

The biggest oddity was NO herons, egrets, or night-herons.

Total 60 species, and we still time to go to a movie.

-Roy A. Myers, Electric City, WA

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