[Tweeters] Birds and Golf Courses

Kelly Cassidy lostriver at completebbs.com
Sun May 19 11:26:52 PDT 2013

I've never played golf, but (weirdly) have enjoyed watching golf on TV ever
since we got a hi-def TV. (I have no idea how anyone could enjoy watching
TV golf in pre-hi-def days.)

Birds on golf courses are amazingly tolerant of the big crowds of people.
Even when Tiger Woods is in the lead on a Sunday, with the accompanying
circus of thousands of onlookers, the birds are remarkably calm. I wonder
if those herons stalking fish near a putting green ever wonder why those
strange humans have their sporadic and unpredictable migrations to golf

I can't be the only one who mentally ranks golf courses by the quality of
the habitat outside the fairways and greens and along the edges of the water
hazards. Can't stand to see those golf courses with the water lined with
vertical man-made walls or the grass mowed the edge of the water.

Just wish those cameramen would spend a little more time zooming in on some
of the birds. They seem so compelled to focus on the golf ball all the
time. I don't get it.

Kelly Cassidy

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Dear Levi and Tweeters,

Although I almost never play golf any more, I must admit I've been a golfer
longer than I've been a birder, which is a while now. After I'd been golfing
for a few years, and had also subsequently taken up birding, I asked my dad
if I might bring my binoculars along in my golf bag. Dad was horrified at
the mere suggestion, and so I have yet to do anything of the kind.

Even so, just about all of the scorecards I've kept have things like "WAVI
2" and "PIWO" written in the margin, in the extra rows for additional
players, on the front page (on top of the usual logo or aerial photo of the
course) and so forth!

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

Near Lyman, Washington (Skagit County), USA

garybletsch at yahoo.com

"Nun," sagte ich, "wenn ich ein Taugenichts bin, so ist's gut, so will ich
in die Welt gehen, und mein Glueck machen." Und eigentlich war mir das recht
lieb, denn es war mir kurz vorher selber eingefallen, auf Reisen zu gehen,
da ich die Goldammer, welche im Herbst und Winter immer betruebt an unserm
Fenster sang: "Bauer, miet' mich, Bauer, miet' mich!" nun in der schoenen
Fruehlingszeit wieder ganz stolz und lustig vom Baume rufen hoerte: "Bauer,
behalt' deinen Dienst!"

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Subject: [Tweeters] Birds and Golf Courses

Does anyone ever go around a golf course to look at birds? Or look while

I was just at one the other day in a tournament and one thing I have found
is the birds have really got use to humans being around. We drove our cart
past a Blue Heron that was no more than 5 feet from us, didn't fly off or
anything, it kept it's eye on us but that was it, unless thats normal, im no
expert. (Wish I had my camera). Same with the geese and their little
goslings, we were putting about 8 feet away from some just hanging out in
the grass.

Im taking my camera next time I go out golfing.

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