[Tweeters] More on nest box winners: Starlings vs Kestrels

Kelly Cassidy lostriver at completebbs.com
Sun May 19 11:10:24 PDT 2013

We have a large nest box on a spruce tree about 10 feet from the house. For
the first 6 or so years it was there, it was always occupied by Starlings,
who fought over it among themselves at the beginning of spring.

Four years ago, a pair of Kestrels claimed the nest box and successfully
fledged at least 3 youngsters. I thought it was a fluke, that maybe the
Starlings had had a bad year and didn't find the nest until it was too late
to evict the Kestrels. Not so. Since the Kestrels discovered the nest box,
they have not relinquished it. This year, for the fourth year in a row, the
Kestrels have the nest box again. The youngsters have hatched and the
transfer of food from papa Kestrel to mama Kestrel or from a parent to the
youngsters is always accompanied by lots of scree-scree-screeing.

Evidently, Starlings cannot evict Kestrels from a nest box the Kestrels
really want.

Kelly Cassidy

Pullman, WA

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