[Tweeters] Red Crossbills: Lake Tapps [Pierce co]

slugranch85 at wwest.net slugranch85 at wwest.net
Sun May 19 10:52:39 PDT 2013

Hello All,

Here on the shores of Lake Tapps, our son and his family have enjoyed
seeing as many as a dozen Red Crossbills since April 6, 2013 through today
(5/19/2013). A diverse mixture of plumages has been noted: fully mature
overall red males; mixed orange and red immature males; fairly bright
ochre & yellow adult females; quite subdued yellowish-brown colors of the
immatures. As many as 6 birds vying at one time for a single hanging
tube- style feeder. We have all enjoyed the opportunities to view the
variety of plumages on these birds, from all angles, often from as close
as eight feet.

Alan Richards & Ann Musche' / visiting at Lake Tapps, Pierce co, WA

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