[Tweeters] Grant Co. White-faced Ibis continues

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I went over to Gloyd Seeps to see if I could find the White-faced Ibis. I found two. Other birds of note at the same site were: W Phalarope, W Snipe, LB Dowitcher, L Yellowlegs, BW Teal, plus many Avocets and Stilts . This is one place that actually has exposed mud around the water. Failed to find the Grackle at Potholes SP but did see Forester's Tern at both O'Sullivan Dam and the Rookery.

Ken Hemberry

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Tweeters, Today we ran into George Gerdts who told us about this White-faced Ibis in Grant County. Location is Gloyd Seeps Wildlife Area. This location is part of WA bird map Coulee Corridor – location 41. On DeLorme 2007 page 65 square 8-9 C. It’s just North of the Grant Co. International Airport. There’s no signage; but look for the pull off and parking lot with kiosk. It’s on the West side of N. Stratford Rd. about 6-ish miles North of hwy 17 (all North of the town of Moses Lake). You park and walk past road gate for about 15 minutes. You’ll arrive where Crabb Creek crosses under the gravel road in a pipe; you are walking in on. Look to North side of the water and the Ibis feeds and hides in the tall reeds at water’s edge. Spotting scope required. Please watch out for Killdeer nests (eggs) in the gravel road as you walk to and fro. Grace and Ollie Oliver
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