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I had a bird feeder before I started working on a golf course (New Jersey) as a shag boy, and my earnings mostly went to bird feed - I was 9. One thing I found was that no matter in the world I subsequently went or received orders to, golf courses were always good places to find birds. I maintained golf course bird lists since I turned 14, and have seen birds in places such as Hawaii, The Philippines, Singapore, Germany, Turkey, and Scotland. When you're standing around waiting for someone to hit, birding fills the time in admirably.

A side note: After putting out on a hole at Willows Run in Redmond one Spring day, I heard the distinctive call of a Black-necked Stilt. Peering over the bank to a pond behind the hole, I found three of them - the only ones found that year (I believe) in the Puget lowlands.

May all your birds be identified,
Denis DeSilvis
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Does anyone ever go around a golf course to look at birds? Or look while
I was just at one the other day in a tournament and one thing I have found
is the birds have really got use to humans being around. We drove our cart
past a Blue Heron that was no more than 5 feet from us, didn't fly off or
anything, it kept it's eye on us but that was it, unless thats normal, im no
expert. (Wish I had my camera). Same with the geese and their little
goslings, we were putting about 8 feet away from some just hanging out in
the grass.

Im taking my camera next time I go out golfing.

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