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Hello, tweets.

My friend Tom Hahn, a professor at UC Davis, has a student who is interested in studying White-crowned Sparrows of the pugetensis subspecies (Puget Sound white-crowns) at high altitude, if there are any. This subspecies is the common lowland western WA breeder that has followed the major highways across the Cascades and breeds in open areas at least as far east as Cle Elum and Hidden Valley off I-90. I know it is also along some of the other highways, perhaps even farther east. But what I want to know is if any of you know of any higher breeding populations, say above 4000 feet elevation.

Both Rocky Mountain (subspecies oriantha) and Gamble's (subspecies gambelii) white-crowns breed in the subalpine zone, and the student will be interested in comparing breeding seasons and other variables in these three subspecies. The other two have been very much studied.

Thanks if you have any info.

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