[Tweeters] Grackles and Wallets (no NOT Willets)

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Tue May 14 22:03:08 PDT 2013

The Common Grackles continue at Potholes State
Park. They were seen and photographed at length
around 11:15 this morning. I met Greg (think I
have that right) Jensen from Renton there and we
found them in the grassy area around the play
equipment (which also has a House Wren nest by the
way) - and they moved throughout the area
including across the road. Easily distinguished
(once actually seen and not imagined as a "long
tailed" Brewer's) by very distinct long paddle
shaped tail in the male together with larger bill
and even deeper iridescence. The male and female
always stayed together and although often near
Brewers, the male often chased the Brewers away.

Now about that "Wallet/not/Willet". I stopped to
get gas in Ellensburg and reached for my wallet
and it was not there. I had rushed to get out
early and honestly could not remember if I had
taken it. I had stopped twice on the way over
(once for a Dipper and once for toilet run) and it
was possible that it had come out then. Took some
sweet talking but I got the gas guy to accept a
check (fortunately had some with me) which covered
that. It was a terrible feeling to be without
funds (and I.D./driver's license) and also not
know if I was going to be the victim of identity
theft. I figured there was nothing I could really
do so continued the birding anyhow. Fortunately
the wallet was indeed on the kitchen counter when
I returned.

I did some other birding along the way including
Umptanum Road and Wenas. The road to Wenas is
open (and as bumpy as ever). It was not real
birdy when I was there...no White Headed
Woodpecker but on the way out I bumped into Dan
Reiss (hope I have that right) and we found a Red
Naped Sapsucker as a consolation. He was
continuing in so hopefully he found a WHWP.
There seemed to be fewer Blue Birds (Western or
Mountain) than last year but more Kingbirds and
Kestrels. Nashville Warblers were everywhere in
good numbers and I had my first ever good look at
the red on the cap. Along Umptanum Creek...what a
wonderful oasis...I had a Least Flycatcher
("Che-bekking") and am about 90% certain that I
had a pretty unusual Red Eyed Vireo pair. Marking
far more distinct than Warbling. Will check
pictures later to see if anything came through
clearly with all the foliage. The COGR and Wallet
tie for best finds of the day.

Blair Bernson

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