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Hi Tweeters,

To further clarify, each bird will have a metal band and a colored band on
one leg and 2 colored bands on the other leg. Also, please report the bands
as they appear on the bird's right and left leg (not your right and left
when looking at the bird). By position, Teresa means, as an example, a male
WHWO that had a red band over metal (red is closer to body, metal closer to
foot) on the birds left leg and blue over blue on the bird's right leg.
Reporting color and location of the bands is important for us to determine
the correct ID of a bird. Finally, please specify the sex of the bird
because if both adults of a mated pair are banded, they will have the same
color combos...thus knowing if you saw a male or female is important.

When reporting the location of the bird, please try to get a GPS location.
If you do not have a GPS, please provide as much detailed info as possible
such as Township, Range, Section, or Forest Service Road, or intersection of
a road with a named creek, etc.

When reporting a nest, please attempt to ID the tree species and condition
of the snag (broken top, top intact but brown needles on snag, live tree),
as well as approximate height of the cavity (especially if multiple cavities
in the snag) and stage of the nest (e.g., nestlings present, adults bringing
food, etc.). Also, details on location is needed if GPS point is not
available. This will enable us to re-find the nest and know what stage it
was in when found.

Thanks tweeters for your help in this endeavor.

Jeff Kozma
TFW Wildlife Biologist, Yakama Nation
kozj at yakamafish-nsn.gov

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Dear Tweeters, As part of an on-going research study, when visiting the
eastern Cascades this summer please report (1) sightings of color-banded
white-headed woodpeckers, and (2) woodpecker nests.

Color-banded white-headed woodpeckers are concentrated in the mountains
outside of Yakima and Leavenworth and more than 100 birds have been
color-banded in the last two years. All banded birds have four bands. One
band is an aluminum USFWS band, and the remaining three bands could be one
of ten possible colors: sea green, forest green, medium blue, light purple,
black, white, red, bright pink, bright yellow, bright orange. Please report
the colors of the bands and their position on the bird's legs, as well as
location, date, and time.

Please also report if you find nests for any of the following five species
of woodpecker: hairy woodpecker, black-backed woodpecker, three-toed
woodpecker, white-headed woodpecker, and Williamson’s sapsucker. Because
of the nature of our research study, please only report nests that you find
near or east of the Cascade Crest.

You can report sightings either by (1) posting on ebird and listing color
bands or nests in the comments section of your sighting, or (2) sending an
email to me at lore5748 at vandals.uidaho.edu

Thanks so much and happy birding!

Teresa Lorenz,
Rimrock, WA
lore5748 at vandals.uidaho.edu
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