[Tweeters] Everett Caspian's and a Whimbrel

jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun May 12 19:33:33 PDT 2013

Walking my (wife's) dog back to the Anchor Pub this evening,(5/12), from nearby Forgotten Creek, I couldn't help but notice about 1000 or so Caspian Terns rise in a loud cloud from the nearby Kimberly-Clark warehouse roof- where about that many nested last year. Usually the cause of such an uproar, is a flyover Bald Eagle, but I didn't see one. Hopefully the terns will be able to pull off at least another season of breeding here before they get the bums rush. Maybe they will, since the rest of Kimberly is now a rubble field with years of environmental clean up ahead- it's gonna take more than K-C, TP to wipe up the toxic leftovers.

On Thursday, I spotted Juan Whimbrel on the Maulsby mudflats on the Everett waterfront, where so many folks saw them last Summer. Yep, just Juan, not 2, or seventeen. Of course it could've been Juanita - I guess it's hard to tell without being kind of rude.

Jeff Gibson
Whateverett Wa

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