[Tweeters] Stillwater, 5/11 - Bullock's Oriole and Red-eyed Vireo

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Sun May 12 08:16:06 PDT 2013

Hi folks,

I spent Saturday morning birding at Stillwater.  It was a fairly birdy morning, and yielded two firsts for the year for me - Bullock's Oriole and Red-eyed Vireo.  I walked out to the Bank Swallow colony, and there are multiple Bank Swallows there, but they are outnumbered significantly by Northern Rough-winged Swallows, so one needs to comb through the hunting swallows to pick out a B ank.

Following is a link to a photo of the Bullock's Oriole I saw.  I had good looks at the Red-eyed Vireo, not too high above eye level along the main trail, but was unable to get a picture.


The Red-tailed Hawk nest that has been active for a number of years is occupied again this year.  It is on the far side of Highway 203, across from the slough nearest to the parking lot, in the fork of a tree.  It is visible with binocs but a scope would be best for observing the activity.  There was an adult perched on the side of the nest when I was finishing up for the day, but another birder reported having seen two youngsters pop their heads up over the lip of the nest recently. 

John Tubbs

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